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Food & Pharma & Cosmetics Industries

MDCL’s Magnesium compounds are characterised by particularly low levels of lead, arsenic, mercury and aluminum. All products meet the strict criteria of the international pharmacopoeia such as USP, EP, and BP.

The pharmaceutical and food grades are produced under GMP conditions and fully comply with the US FDA, the Food Chemicals Codex, and other regulatory bodies.

Chemical & Technical Industries

MDCL’s magnesium products are available in a wide variety of qualities, particle sizing, reactivity levels, and bulk weights. MDCL can supply tailor-made grades in order to match specific purposes.

The high purity of our products is a considerable advantage in their chemical applications. This results in process simplification and economies. It avoids the formation of undesired by-products and insoluble impurities.

Products List

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Thanks to our expertise, we can supply on demand other products that are not mentioned in our catalogue. We would also be pleased to send you a sample of any available product.