SINCE 1967

MDCL is specialised in Magnesium and Calcium compounds. We offer products of the highest quality available on the market.

We are a family-owned business (today in its 3rd generation) committed to outstanding services for our customers. Our consultants and accounts managers are always available to cater to your requests and answer questions. Our team is highly professional, experienced, flexible and hard working.

Established in 1967, MDCL originated as a service provider to chemicals and minerals factories in Israel, managing production processes and pre-distribution stage logistics for chemicals and minerals raw materials. Therefore we have a unique product understanding. Our expertise ranges from chemicals transformation processes, quality analyses and packaging to distribution and logistics.

In 2014, MDCL branched into international distribution activities for very discerning requests. Now we are able to supply supreme quality products while assuring cost-efficient logistics and top of the line customer service.